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Part mad scientists, part culinary and confectionery wuderkinder, Mike and Matt Casarez have dedicated themselves to revolutionizing ice cream. In 2011, they earned the Guinness Book of World Records title for "Most Ice Cream Flavors". Our unorthodox approach to ice cream leads us to new, different and exciting flavors that have never been imagined. We get inspiration from more than just the bake shop, we use ingredients from every part of the kitchen. The best ice cream requires the best ingredients and using Pure, Local and Fresh ingredients helps us create our one of a kind flavors. Our ice cream has the perfect consistency to ensure it is smooth and creamy. We believe in not using any stabilizers and gums and only small batch churns. We are a scratch kitchen making as much humanly possible, from our caramel, to puree’s, and even the waffle cones to ensure every morsel of our ice cream is perfect.

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